No Income Loans in Kew Gardens

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MortgageDepot Specializes in No Income Verification Loans

Most banks today run away from borrowers needing non-traditional loans. Instead of looking out for their customers and doing what’s best for their communities, they look for the easiest ways to serve their own interests. That’s what makes MortgageDepot different. Proudly located in Kew Gardens, in the Silver Towers Building, MortgageDepot actually specializes in non-traditional mortgage financing. They’re even providing No Income Verification Mortgages right now to borrowers with a 30% down payment.

And that’s not the only type of non-traditional mortgage they’re able to provide. MortgageDepot specializes in out-of-the-box financing solutions that can help buyers in any number of unique situations. If you have a non-traditional income stream, say because you’re a contract employee or a freelance worker, MortgageDepot can help. One of the solutions they offer is what’s called a Bank Statement Program. This innovative mortgage loan program is perfect for self-employed workers or workers who get paid in cash. It simply relies on bank statements for the past 24 months in order to determine a borrower’s approval status.

MortgageDepot also specializes in Co-Op financing, something many other banks shy away from or have no experience in. MortgageDepot is already an approved broker for a number of Co-Ops in the New York area. And what’s even better, MortgageDepot can even help finance the purchase of a Co-Op for investment purposes!

As a longtime member of the Kew Gardens community, MortgageDepot is the expert on New York mortgage loan financing. No matter what kind of non-traditional loans home buyers are looking for today, whether it’ a Co-Op loan, a No Income Verification Loan, a loan based on your bank statements, or any other kind of mortgage financing, MortgageDepot has a program that can help.

To find out more about their mortgage loan products you can all them at (718) 268-9000 or visit their website at


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